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Welcome to Read Mag™. We present you a wonderful selection of magazines that you can read free of charge in alphabetical order.

Our portal is completely dedicated to magazines, so it's not surprising that many editions of various subjects are published here. To facilitate the search, we have organized a convenient filter, which helps to find the necessary magazine by name with the help of a fast alphabetic search engine. We do not need to spend too much time searching for online journals to read online magazines. Just enter the name of the magazine and enjoy reading.

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In addition to the alphabetic search engine on the site, all files are grouped by category, depending on the topic content of the publication. There are many subjects for different tastes. For women there are a series about beauty, fashion, health, children or cooking. Men will be able to find magazines about cars, hunting, sports, business and politics. All topics list too long, since there are a lot of them and they are all designed for different age, gender and interests. Although, there are women who love cars, and men who are fond of cooking, so it's difficult to advise anything. Choose yourself what you like!