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Like to read magazines, but is it a pity to spend money on buying a paper edition of the publication? Then you are right on our page. Here is collected a huge collection of magazines of various subjects for all family members of absolutely any ages and interests. In each of the categories, you can read the logs by the torrent, read them online or leave comments on the editions that have already been read. Our goal is to provide as much as possible interesting and useful information to every visitor of the site. For the convenience of finding suitable magazines in accordance with the chosen topic, we divided all the files into categories. This approach gives you more opportunities during the selection of the reading, because you know exactly what will be discussed in this or that publication, if you are not already familiar with it.

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What do we have? To satisfy the wishes of each reader, we tried to collect the most diverse collection of thematic categories. Among them you will find magazines: women's themes, about home and family, as well as beauty and health; about finance, jurisprudence, business and politics; non-fiction and technical; dedicated to cars and sports; humorous and entertaining; for children and teenagers. Of course, this is not a complete list, so rather go to the catalog and start searching, because we really have a lot of magazines. All that you find is available for free reading on the site, though, you can also read the magazines by the torrent. This is convenient if you do not always have free access to the Internet.