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Our information portal is designed to provide information exchange and communication between users of this platform. The site operates in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and negatively applies to any violation of its provisions. We respect copyrights, but we do not have the technical ability to control the process by which users publish content on the site. Each user places content on the information platform absolutely uncontrollably on the part of the administration, which fully corresponds to the usual practice of publishing materials on the Internet. According to the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection", as well as the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, if you are the copyright owner of materials published on the site without your consent, you have the right to request the removal of them. We strongly recommend that we immediately notify us of copyright infringement in the form of an email. The administration of the site will fulfill your demand and remove materials that violate your right. In order for us to react actively to your request for violation of the authorship rights, please specify in the e-mail detailed information proving your rights to the published material. After sending the complaint, we will send you a confirmation of receipt and taking it for consideration. Your application will be processed as soon as possible, not exceeding five working days. In order for us to render you the fastest assistance in removing illegally posted content, of which you are the copyright holder, send us the following information in an e-mail: Full name of the copyright object and the URL of the official publication page on the Internet. Scanned copy of the document with a seal, confirming the authorship. Information about the rightholder, which includes: Name of the company of the legal entity. URL of the site where the copyright holder's materials are officially placed. Contact information (phone number, email). A link to the page of the site where the materials that violate your copyright rights are illegally posted. The claim about the illegality of posting information on the site and the essence of the violation. Additionally, you have the right to provide us with an accompanying message, which we will post when you delete your materials. This message may contain information about where the materials with which you are the copyright owner are officially placed and on what basis they are removed from our portal. Also, you can specify your contact information for users who lawfully would like to read information regarding deleted files. Note! The site administration does not have the technical ability to track the actions of each user. We can not guarantee that the pages of the portal will not re-post the materials that are the object of your right. All information on the site is published in an automatic mode without the involvement of manual processing and control of authorship. We are committed to assist you in every way, as the copyright owner, if you find a violation on our website of your copyright. The administration will review your application and help resolve the issue, but only if you provide documentary evidence of your authorship and the right to file a claim. Sincerely, the administration of the site.