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Do you like to read magazines at once in batches? Then you have correctly visited this page. Here we have placed a selection of the best and most popular series of magazines on different topics written in Russian. You can freely read magazines for free or read them directly from our website. There is practically no difference, because we have a convenient reader for reading online. You will not feel any difference with the paper edition for the quality of the image and the speed of page flipping. Download to read later.

You can read magazines online for free on our website without registration, read online magazines

All the series presented here cover different topics, so each user will be able to find exactly what he will be most interested in. Often, many people before a long trip download a whole series of interesting glossy editions to their gadget in order to pass the time on the road. You can read magazines for free at any time and without any unnecessary conditions and requirements. Also an important and very pleasant bonus is the compactness of the gadget, which makes dozens of magazines that you hardly could take with you on a trip, whether they are paper. So, choose the series you liked about traveling, for example, or about sports, about cars or entertainment publications, just to relax. In general, you choose. And there is something to choose from. Therefore, stock up the time to enough to read all the series, which here, well, very much.